Sebastiao Salgado

450 Sebastiao Salgado, Boys Fleeing from Southern Sudan to Avoid being forced to fight in the Civil War, heading for the Refugee Camps of Northern Kenya, Southern Sudan, 1993.

16373_Salgado_DinkaGroup_300dpi Sebastiao Saldgado, Dinka Group at Pagarau Cattle Camp, 2006.

africa_recoge_56_fotografias_Sebastiao_Salgado1 Sebastiao Salgado, Returning Mozambican Refugees Start a New Life Working the Land Abandoned for 15 Years. Province of Zambeze, Mozambique, 1994.

artlimited_img5173598 Sebastiao Salgado, Dunes of the Mamib Desert, Sand Sea, South of Walvis Bay. Namibia, 2005.

Child-worker-at-the-mata-tea-plantation-Rwanda-by-Sebastiao-Salgado2 Sebastiao Salgado, Child Worker at the Mata Tea Plantation. Rwanda, 1991.

fotos2 sebastião salgado Sebastiao Salgado, Civilians Abandoning the Fighting Area in the North of Angola, 1975.

imgsebastiacc83o-salgado1 Sebastiao Salgado, Starved Child Looking For Food in the Region of the Former Lake Faguibine. Mali, 1985.

salgado1-1024x684 Sebasitao Salgado, Draped in Blankets to Keep Out the Cold Morning Wind, Refugees Wait Outside Korem Camp. Ethiopia, 1984.

salgado4 Sebastiao Salgado, Water Supplies are Often Far Away From the Rwandan Refugee Camps. Goma, Zaire, 1994.

sebastiao_africa1 Sebastio Salgado, Rwandan Refugee Camp of Benako. Tanzania, 1994.

sebastiao_salgado02 Sebastiao Salgado, Rwandan Refugees Near the Village of Biaro. Kisangani Region, Zaire, 1997.

SS1a Sebastaio Salgado, During a Demonstration in Support of the MPLA. Luanda, Angola, 1975.

tumblr_l9lb8o2wSs1qcptm2o1_500 Sebastiao Salgado, Religious Ceremony During Which Mozambican Widows Exorcize the Spirits of Their Husbands Who Died in Combat, Before Their Return Home to Mozambique. Southern Malawi, 1994.

tumblr_m0dklk6i7S1r44q44o1_1280 Sebastiao Salgado, In the Hills of Moko at the Gisovo Tea Plantation. Rwanda, 1991.

tumblr_m13i60nhMC1r44q44o1_1280 Sebastiao Salgado, Tea Picking at a Plantation Near Cyangugu. Rwanda, 1991.


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